I’m baaaaack! :D

Yes, it’s true. I’m back. I’ll pause now for the applause and cheering.

Did you have long enough to celebrate?


Let’s get to the good stuff:


This one was taken this summer on our driveway. We were enjoying some refreshments from Sonic while watching the cars and trucks go by on the busy road to our right:


Me and Cash went on a date to the movies to see Finding Nemo (Scott was hunting or something stupid like that πŸ™‚

You know the old saying… When the Cat’s away the mice will play… πŸ™‚

Here’s Cash sitting next to me:


And here’s the both of us. It not the greatest picture we’ve ever taken.. But there isn’t much room for error when you’re sitting in a dark theater and trying not to completely annoy the people behind you with the flash on your camera:


About twice a week, we will get up.. Eat breakfast and then I will ask Cash if he wants to go for a walk. He usually pushes his lawn mower.. But this day it looks like he chose his tricycle. We walk all the way to the end of the culdesac and stop just short of a big open field where horses and donkeys graze. Separating the field from us is a TON of large red berry bushes (I’m guessing they are elderberries.. Hence the name of our street) lining a barbed wire fence. We stop and pick (and squeeze) the red berries.




This is also usually around the time that our mail runs. Cash will pause to watch the “may may” (mailman) drive around delivering our bills and junk mail fun magazines and cool hand written letters.

“bye bye may may!!”


A couple of weekends ago, we took a family trip to Branson where we visited the bass pro shop and Cash found something that he wants for Christmas:


On the way home from Branson, we stopped to eat at a hole-in-the-wall cafe in Alpena, MO. Seriously, there were two girls working there. One in the kitchen.. One waiting tables. It was adorable.

Here is Cash after he chugged down his root beer in 1 minute flat!:


Just look at that sugar induced smile πŸ˜€

Mimi bought the grandsons a couple of flashlights at the dollar store… Here is Cash watching tv on our bed playing with his new flashlight:



We went to chick fil a the other day and the kids on the playground were ALL very WILD!!

Check it!:


One little girl found out that her little 60 lb. body could easily scale the fence (therefore, breaking rule #12 on the playground rules sign– I looked) and climb to the 2nd story of the slides. That prompted all of the other kids to try and do the same. Cash and I stared (and cheered– I’m not gonna lie) in amazement. πŸ™‚

We went to Walmart (where I’m pretty sure I saw and talked to one of the Walton brothers). Cash had his eyes parked on a little red bike. So, I obliged.

Him riding his new bike before we go in and eat at Red Robin:


Us waiting for our food to arrive at RR:


Goofing off at the mall while we wait FOR-EV-ER for the lady to find the Christmas village house I wanted in the back room. Holy moly lady… She was sooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooow.


At Barnes and Noble playing:


Lori asked me the other day if Cash climbs on me at home the same way he does at Mimi and Grandads house.

Here’s your answer:



Playing in the corn box at the pumpkin patch:


Riding the ponies (with my assistance πŸ™‚


Playing with Ella on Mimi and Grandads bed:


Dinner on dads lap at Tim’s Pizza:


Whew!… Posting a blog entry takes a long time!! Time that I’d rather be eating fun sized Halloween candy bars or putting a final glossy glaze on my toenail polish. But, I feel like when I don’t have a blog.. Nobody really knows what the Senyard family does other than Thursdays and every other Sunday. So, hopefully I will keep up with this blog better.

Love from me…