Pocketful of fun

We drove down to Rudy a couple of weekends ago so Scott could turn in his deer to be processed and turned into jerky.

Poor deer. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

On our way, we stopped at a truck stop so I could hover over one of their disgusting toilets and relieve my bladder.. While I was holding my nose and praying that nothing on my body touched anything in the bathroom.. Scott took Cash across the parking lot to show him a “big twuck!!”

You can baaaaarely see them there.. About 3/4 of the way to the end of the truck..


Cash loved seeing the truck up close.

Here he is watching the kids play at chick fil a. He comes and get a bite and then runs back to the play area.


Another trip to the red berry bushes:


“look mom!..”


This is what they look like… Is that an elderberry??


Cash was fresh outta the tub and not feeling good. his only request was to lay on daddy and watch “choo choo” on the ipad..


In this next picture he was helping me wrap Jax’s gift. We got him a carrier for his cars and some building plates for his duplo Legos…


Cash has been sick with a cold lately. I wipe his nose at least 55 times a day. Well, I caught Cash in the act of wiping Crosby’s nose the other night. I thought it was so cute.

Crosby is to Cash what Woody is to Andy in the Toy Story movies. If Cash ever gets a newer/better teddy bear, I will expect an uproar from the toy bin in the playroom…


Auntie Lola loves her little nephews.. And they love her! Here’s a picture of Cash wearing MiMi’s sunglasses and Auntie L. beaming with pride : )


Cash is the peanut butter to Ella’s jelly. The sock to her shoe. The crescendo to her big finale…


They stick together and play quite often..


When Cash goes to see his doctor in Tontitown.. He is asked to open his mouth and say “aaaaahhh” while Dr. De Miranda shines his little flashlight down Cash’s throat.

So now, when you give Cash a flashlight, he likes to check his own tonsils…


And finally, I took this picture of myself tonight.” Why are you taking some random picture of yourself smiling really big?” you might ask…

Well.. The answer to that question is very very exciting…



As Cash would say…. “yeeeee haaaaww!!”

: )



happy fall y’all

When Cash and I go outside in the mornings, the first thing he does is go to his car door and say “momma, baby, (because he refers to himself as baby now) dagun?”

That means “momma will you open my door so I can play in your car?”

He likes to crawl around in there. In the floor boards playing with his cars. He climbs over to the front seat. Then back to the middle seats. And on occasion, back to the trunk. He will stand in the drivers seat and play like he’s driving the steering wheel. He knows which one of my keys goes in the ignition. He likes to stick it in there and listen to the car beep because the doors are open.


He’s all boy…

Sometimes, we will go to the back yard and play. He likes to run his trucks and cars in his sandbox.


Our back yard is extra pretty right now because of all the leaves.




Cash will see us raking and want to do it himself..


Sometimes, we sit at the kitchen table and color, play with stickers, or finger paint.

Sticker fun:



A cool worms eye view of our kitchen light:


A couple of our masterpieces in the finger paint category:



When I tell Cash to “come get your shoes on so we can go somewhere..”

He says one of two things:



“choo choo”


“can we go to Mimi’s house?”


“can we go to Barnes and noble?”

This day, it was the latter:


He likes it when other kids come up to play with him. He will immediately shove his car up in their face and scream “baby!!!!! Dagun!!!!”

And then he will go up to the parent of the child and do the same thing while screaming “momma!!!!! (or dadda!!!!) dagun!!!!!!”

The parent usually feels awkward and looks at me. I will say “Cash, that’s not momma/dadda” and we will continue to play until the next parent/child duo walks up…. And then we go back to the beginning and start all over :l

It’s a tad bit embarrassing : )

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend..



Cash likes to be naked.

What kid doesn’t?

For some reason I always seem to strip him down while Scott is laying in the floor watching tv. This is an unfortunate situation for Scott because Cash loves to climb all over him when he’s on the floor. So, of course, Scott ends up with Cash’s twig and berries strung all over his face.

This particular night however, Cash wanted to ride his bike ๐Ÿ™‚


We were waiting in the car for Scott to work on a small part on one of our big trucks at the shop. He was taking a longer time than I told him to so I told Cash to stick his head through the sunroof and start screaming “daddy!!!”

It worked:


Cash taking a nap in his bed:


This is my view from my spot in bed at night. I’m a blessed gal:


I thought it was funny how they were laying in bed and they look so much alike:


Cash laying in the floor one night watching tv:


Cash.. Playing at the doctors office before they called us back:


Taking a tub:


We went out to Williams woods last Sunday so Scott could refill his corn feeders. We had to go down the road and pick up his 4-wheeler at Mr. Russell and Mrs. Lolita’s house.. Mr. Russell came out to say “hi”:


Again, me and Cash waited in the car for “daddy” to come back down the mountain so we could get out and play:


It was a bee-u-tiful day. I had the sunroof open and we were seeing if we could get any of the falling leaves to land in our car.

They didn’t. But it was still pretty to look at:


This is what we were doing on election night:


And this was my birthday cake before we cut it up and demolished it ๐Ÿ™‚