Cash likes to be naked.

What kid doesn’t?

For some reason I always seem to strip him down while Scott is laying in the floor watching tv. This is an unfortunate situation for Scott because Cash loves to climb all over him when he’s on the floor. So, of course, Scott ends up with Cash’s twig and berries strung all over his face.

This particular night however, Cash wanted to ride his bike 🙂


We were waiting in the car for Scott to work on a small part on one of our big trucks at the shop. He was taking a longer time than I told him to so I told Cash to stick his head through the sunroof and start screaming “daddy!!!”

It worked:


Cash taking a nap in his bed:


This is my view from my spot in bed at night. I’m a blessed gal:


I thought it was funny how they were laying in bed and they look so much alike:


Cash laying in the floor one night watching tv:


Cash.. Playing at the doctors office before they called us back:


Taking a tub:


We went out to Williams woods last Sunday so Scott could refill his corn feeders. We had to go down the road and pick up his 4-wheeler at Mr. Russell and Mrs. Lolita’s house.. Mr. Russell came out to say “hi”:


Again, me and Cash waited in the car for “daddy” to come back down the mountain so we could get out and play:


It was a bee-u-tiful day. I had the sunroof open and we were seeing if we could get any of the falling leaves to land in our car.

They didn’t. But it was still pretty to look at:


This is what we were doing on election night:


And this was my birthday cake before we cut it up and demolished it 🙂




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