happy fall y’all

When Cash and I go outside in the mornings, the first thing he does is go to his car door and say “momma, baby, (because he refers to himself as baby now) dagun?”

That means “momma will you open my door so I can play in your car?”

He likes to crawl around in there. In the floor boards playing with his cars. He climbs over to the front seat. Then back to the middle seats. And on occasion, back to the trunk. He will stand in the drivers seat and play like he’s driving the steering wheel. He knows which one of my keys goes in the ignition. He likes to stick it in there and listen to the car beep because the doors are open.


He’s all boy…

Sometimes, we will go to the back yard and play. He likes to run his trucks and cars in his sandbox.


Our back yard is extra pretty right now because of all the leaves.




Cash will see us raking and want to do it himself..


Sometimes, we sit at the kitchen table and color, play with stickers, or finger paint.

Sticker fun:



A cool worms eye view of our kitchen light:


A couple of our masterpieces in the finger paint category:



When I tell Cash to “come get your shoes on so we can go somewhere..”

He says one of two things:



“choo choo”


“can we go to Mimi’s house?”


“can we go to Barnes and noble?”

This day, it was the latter:


He likes it when other kids come up to play with him. He will immediately shove his car up in their face and scream “baby!!!!! Dagun!!!!”

And then he will go up to the parent of the child and do the same thing while screaming “momma!!!!! (or dadda!!!!) dagun!!!!!!”

The parent usually feels awkward and looks at me. I will say “Cash, that’s not momma/dadda” and we will continue to play until the next parent/child duo walks up…. And then we go back to the beginning and start all over :l

It’s a tad bit embarrassing : )

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend..



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