Hmmm.. Lets see here..

What’s first? Lets see….

Here’s Cash in the new pjs that Lori got him for his 2nd bday:


Tim the tool man Taylor in the bathtub:


Here he is in Christmas morning playing with his new buzz light year:


Cash and “Yellyuh” sitting in the chair together:


Watching “Cars” (the movie) for the first time:


Some random pictures of my big front teeth:



I never had braces and I’m so glad that I didn’t. I love how my teeth are big and bucky and a little imperfect. They have character. I’ve learned to love them the same way that I am learning how to love my curly hair.

Me and Cash rocking:


This next picture may disturb some of you. If so, don’t look:

Scott brought out his Papaw’s antique shotgun (completely un-loaded– he made sure about 4 times) and Cash wanted to hold it. When he placed it in Cash’s hands, he made a “pow” sound. Hence the look of pride on Scott’s face:


Cash, doing some dishes:




Mom and dad bought Cash a flying helicopter for Christmas. And, as most things go in our household, the piece that made it fly only lasted about 5 minutes before it was broken. So Scott decided to rig the helicopter up to his power drill and make it fly:


And last but not least, Lola with the troublemakers…


Sorry for such a lack of words.. But I’m kinda busy being strapped to my little man these days. Maybe when he is 14 I will have endless hours in the day to write and write about who knows what? But, by then, nobody will probably care anymore. Haha..



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